Exploring Old Town Phuket


Cute coffee and pastry shops, multi-colored walls, larger than life graffiti, market stalls at every turn and a chilled down atmosphere; What’s not to love about old town Phuket!

Phuket is one of the southern provinces of Thailand and is the biggest island in the country. Old Town Phuket was our first stop and it was lovely!

My best part about Old Town was finding this cute coffee shop that had no other customers so the owner allowed us to take pictures and just chill. I loved the hospitality. It was such a lovely space playing such cool music I didn’t want to leave. I wish I had more time to explore more wonderful spaces that lingered at every corner of Old Town.

I also loved that no one really cares what you are up to unless it’s a tuk tuk driver wanting to take you to a different destination.

Enjoy the pictures.




The Sanctuary at Ol lentille

I love travelling and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to go to places I would never have imagined existed. Well, I may not have as many ticks on my bucket list as the next person, but who’s counting?

Ol lentille is one such place. It is in the middle of nowhere & it is stunning. It camouflages itself atop a small hill & it would be so easy to fly over or drive past and not even notice it. My favorite part about this place was the pool. Laaaawd!! It has this infinity vibe to it leaving you to stare endlessly at vegetation and sprawling hills in the distance. The views from it overlooking the valley below are mind blowing.

This beautiful sanctuary is located in Laikipia. The property is owned by the Maasai community but ran by an investor who looks after the day to day operations. I spent a relaxing two days here with a few friends (when you are travelling, you are all friends irrespective of the background).

The activities  included swimming, archery, quad biking, maasai village visit & walking with baboons (we didn’t get to do this) among others. I also spent some time at the spa which was not exactly sooo great but overall, I loved my time here.

The sanctuary has four different houses that accommodate a various number of people. I stayed in the Chief’s House which was self contained and very cozy. It has a kitchen, a gorgeous living room with a dining area and three bedrooms. All the rooms are detached from each other. We also had the pleasure of our very own butler and chef.

We spent most of our evenings after dinner telling stories and laughing endlessly over drinks and under the watch of entertaining maasai morans.

Enjoy the pictures and go exploring some time, yeah??

For more info, see link below:

Ol lentille Sanctuary








I got to do some Archery and completely flopped at it!



The Arbor


I visited this gorgeous, super chilled space three Saturdays ago and it’s the perfect spot to hide out, have a meal, spend time with a friend or with a book, have a spa date… whatever tickles your fancy. It is in Lavington on James Gichuru drive. I was here with my friend Liz and let me just say, we never wanted to leave.

It’s intentionally designed, with colored bottles hanging from the roof and beautiful flowers giving the space so much life. It can get pretty full on weekends so be sure to get there early or to make a reservation.

Location: The Arbor



My gorgeous friend Liz


First time having a Sangria… It got me deep in thought..


Mini spa for that Mani- Pedi…


There is a spa for all ye spa lovers… You can spoil yourself here and the rates are affordable. I cant wait to try them out. I got the D’vine Tulia butter from their shop and it smells soo good.. Absolutely Divine!

There is a cute furniture shop with rustic and artistic pieces. It’s a creatives haven really.


They also have a garden center called Eden (I didn’t get a great picture of it) and you can buy potted plants and vegetables which you can nurture in your very own home and eat them afterwards…. 🙂

Very cool!


It’s a must visit. I can’t wait to be back here.



Simon’s Town


Happy New Year!!!

I hope your new year is off to a great start and I pray you have some positive energy within and all around you!

On my last full day in Cape Town, I visited this charming, little town. I didn’t have much time as I was meeting a good friend for dinner and I didn’t wanna be late. I got to the train station and the train to Simon’s town was leaving in like 3 minutes. I ran for my life coz missing that train was not an option. Literally!

The next one was in an hour’s time and that meant I wouldn’t make it back in time. I paid 20 rand for a return ticket and got into the first compartment. We were only three of us there; a fair-skinned man seated at the far end of the compartment eating his McDonald’s burger, and a dark lady at the opposite end, dozing off. I sat next to the exit.

Now, I have a very active imagination and I started thinking of all the things that could go wrong like getting robbed on a train, in a foreign country. Then my phone’s battery started acting shitty and it felt as though we were moving at a snail’s pace. I googled all the names of the suburbs between Cape Town and Simon’s Town and the distance between each so I could see how much progress we were making. Trains are not my kinda thing. Nah.

I didn’t start enjoying the trip till we came upon the coastal towns and my companions alighted which gave me the courage to get my camera out and capture the gorgeous views…. Such romantic scenery!


This was my ultimate destination and I have to tell you, I almost never made it here. The taxi (matatu) guy and driver kept saying Boulders beach is 40 Minutes away. I was like whoa! That would mean missing the next train which was like in 30 minutes. It took a kind officer at the train station showing me a map of the town, and how close boulder’s beach is to convince me to go.

I sat next to a lovely lady in the taxi who was so nice such that she didn’t mind me asking her a 1000 times “How much further till we get to Boulders beach?” with a look of panic on my face. It took about 15 minutes.

I thanked the young lady and ran all the way, paid the entry fee and finally saw the charming little guys. Penguins are so fascinating (probably coz of watching too much Penguins of Madagascar.)

I wish I lived here… Maybe I will retire here 🙂

Simon’s Town is picturesque.The buildings all  have a white color palette going on. They also have a navy base here so I got to see some navy hunks 🙂 & school children. Actually it was a welcome distraction since on my way back to the station there was crazy traffic. My saving grace was that the train was late. Anyway, I made it back to Cape Town a little late, but much to my friend’s amusement: that I would take the train all by myself to a different town. I am adventurous like that.





Waterfront Harbour Cruise


Doing the harbour cruise was such a joy for me. I love yachts and water so much. I remember just clicking my camera endlessly so I could capture as much as I could. Owning a luxurious yacht is officially on my bucket list!

I got to do this cruise as part of the Cape Town Hop-On- Hop-Off Bus tour package (read about it  here). I can only describe it as Amazing! It lasts approximately 20 minutes and it is a must do if you visit Cape Town.

I had a hard time choosing the pictures to share on this post. Too many beautiful images. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.



Location: The V&A Waterfront Harbour

Photography: Myself



Drink it like you say it…

“I love everything that is old; old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old wines.”
Oliver Goldsmith, The Vicar of Wakefield


Welcome to Groot Constantia; the oldest wine estate in South Africa!

It’s located in the suburbs of Constantia in Capetown (p.s I love how the name Constantia has an aristocratic feel to it…. Aaaah Constantia!)


You get there on the Purple Wine Bus Tour. The drive is amazing. Beautiful scenery all the way. You have an option of visiting three vineyards on the Purple Wine Tour…. but that’s only if you can handle all thaaaaaaaaat wine!

I love wine and wine loves me. We have a mutual understanding. Like old lovers, we often quarrel but always make up. I do enjoy my wine and I am mostly a red wine kinda girl. Out of the five glasses I sampled, only one was white.

This was an activity I thoroughly enjoyed. Perhaps too much! I learned that for white wine, the glass is held by the stem to preserve its temperature. This is because it’s served chilled. When it comes to red wine, it doesn’t really matter since it’s served at room temperature.

To enjoy wine, you have got to take your time. Take in its scent, taste and let the flavours hit your tongue. Just enjoy it!

I had a blast. I was truly happy on this day. The best part is I got to keep the wine glass (happy dance).

Have you been to a wine tasting?


The artwork is stunning. Obsessed!








Sibo, the very entertaining wine connoisseur!



The Vineyard


Till next time, Adieu!

Cape Town… A City After My Heart


How can one city be so breathtakingly beautiful?

I can’t take it!


I have delayed this post so long now but its been tugging at my heart. I guess I was just trying to hold on to the memories. Sentimental much!

But now pull up a chair and let me tell you of the city that stole my heart.


The minute I landed, I was struck by how beautiful everything was. The roads, the landscape, the buildings. Sigh! Maybe its my naivety, but I wasn’t ready.

Cape Town swept me off my feet and I have been floating on cloud nine ever since.

There was so much that I loved. So many things to see and do, and while I wasn’t able to do everything I hoped I would, I am so grateful to have had this wonderful experience that I will cherish for a lifetime (okay, now I am being sappy. But a girl is allowed to fall in love, aye?).

I will be sharing a series of activities that I truly enjoyed in this and subsequent posts. I hope that you can be inspired to take a trip down to the Mother City. I promise you will not regret it!

           Hop on Hop Off Bus Tour

My God! I loved this tour!! In my opinion, it is the best way to see the city. Additionally, you get a commentary on the history of the City throughout the ride which is available in different languages.

I think I was a little obsessed :-). I bought the one day ticket and I remember feeling so giddy, I went back and purchased the 2 day ticket. It’s a bargain since it gives you two extra tours that are not included in the one day ticket (Cape Town City Tours).

There are different city tours: Red City Tour, Blue Mini Peninsula Tour, Purple Wine Tour, Yellow Downtown Tour, Sunset Bus Tour & the Harbour cruise. I got to do all except for the yellow bus tour. I loved them all but the icing on the cake was the Sunset Tour. What a beautiful thing it is to be able to watch the sun going to sleep beyond the sea!



 Table Mountain

Who wouldn’t love to wake up to a gorgeous mountain view everyday? I know I would.

I didn’t get the chance to go up the mountain on the aerial cable way (the queue was crazy long & the weather certainly wasn’t in my favor), but I did have the pleasure of enjoying these beautiful views.



At the foot of Table Mountain




      Signal Hill & Sunset gazing

The Sunset bus leaves the V&A waterfront at about 6p.m. It makes its way through picturesque Sea Point, Camps Bay and some other places I don’t remember. My eyes and heart were definitely eating to their fill. (What we call kukula kwa macho :-))

At Signal Hill, Cape Towners & tourists alike turn up in numbers to watch the sunset. It’s the perfect spot to have an evening picnic.

From the top, you have wonderful views of the City & the  Atlantic Ocean down below. Right behind you, there’s Table mountain & Lion’s head showing off :-). The wind is crazy though so carry something warm.



Lion’s Head